who we are


We envision marginalized communities transformed through experiencing love, belonging, and significance in Sao Paulo, Brazil


To gather, train, and move people towards transformational relationships within marginalized communities, cultivating love, belonging, and significance among all who are involved.


Intentionally loving others well, rooted in Biblical truth, anchored in an identity of Christ’s love, identifying and utilizing unique giftings, journeying with others in community, participating with Christ in His kingdom, pursuing depth with Jesus.


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The best part about college students is their wide-eyed, idealism. The most annoying thing about college students is their wide-eyed, idealism.

In 2002, a small group of college students from Hope International University were compelled to rediscover God’s heart for The Church. They wanted to change the world for Jesus, but had no clue how to. Armed with only a naive desire to love others well, it was almost as if they stumbled onto this path that God had been carving for years. This group of eight college students walked into a low income, gang ridden neighborhood in Fullerton, CA and began to participate in the things God was already doing in the community. The college students came in to “serve”, to “fix”, and to “change” the neighborhood for Christ, but instead fell deeply in love with a community, its people, and the rich culture.

This is the story of Solidarity. This is a story of a community of believers who have joined in with what God has been doing in neighborhoods in Fullerton and Sao Paulo. This is a story of a group of broken individuals who, in elated seasons of joy or cavernous moments of pain and despair, are always trying to choose the path that leads toward depth with Jesus. This is a story of raw optimism losing sight, but then finding again a richer, more wide-eyed view of Church, community, and their own identity.

You are invited into this story.

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