One of our main desires is to continually be growing in depth with Jesus in all areas of life. We believe that one of the best ways to do this is to walk together with others towards Jesus. Our different gatherings are simply designed to create communities of people who walk together towards Jesus.


As we walk together with others and deeply experience Jesus in various aspects of life, our desire is to then pass along what we have learned to others. Our “lifestyle trainings” are set up to create unique kingdom experiences, followed by intentional times of articulating what God was teaching during those times. For more information about participating in a lifestyle training, please send an email to: 


As we gather and grow together with others towards Jesus, we must also question how we are to live and move as Jesus did. As we do this we cannot overlook the fact that Jesus was constantly in relationship with those who were marginalized and poorly loved by society. As we move towards others, our desire s to deeply love and walk together with 4 specific marginalized communities in Sao Paulo.

1. Street children  2. Victims of sex trafficking  *3. Families living in urban slums *4. Bolivian immigrant families.

*Communities we are not yet working in.

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